I Love: Bath and Body Product Review

I Love Cosmetics Review

Many of you who are a similar age to me, might remember 'I love...' from your high school days. I certainly do anyway. I was obsessed with their shower gels and used to always give my friends the bath and shower gel sets for their birthdays! Oh to be young and thirteen again...

ANYWAY, 'I Love' have had a complete makeover and have recently launched six new scents of bath and body products, tailored towards a more older audience. The scents that I have tried are far more luxurious than what I remember them being around ten years ago. The packaging is also a complete contrast from the original range and definitely more appealing to an older audience. Also, what's great about this brand is they don't test on animals and their products contain no parabens, silicons or animal ingredients!

This new range consists of six new scents of: Body washes and body mists (£6.50), body butters (£10), bath salts (£8) and a new hand and nail cream which is £5. All of which are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

I Love Cosmetics Review

So far I have tried three of the scents in the Body Mists: English Rose, Elderflower Fizz and Violet DreamsThe body mists are priced at £6.50 for 150ml. I find that these body mists are perfect to keep in my handbag for a little on-the-go refreshment, especially with all this hot weather we've been having! They are both fast-drying, cooling and don't leave my skin feeling sticky in the slightest. The English Rose body mist is personally my favourite of the three that I have tried as it is light, fresh and floral. The Elderflower Fizz scent is also very fresh and unique. I love that they brought this scent out as it reminds me a lot of my childhood at my Auntie's house, as she grew Elderflower in her garden and would always offer me an Elderflower cordial, which was delicious! I am also eager to try the Elderflower scented hand and nail cream. The Violet Dreams scent is sweet and perfumed. This scent also evokes memories for myself of being a child and always picking 'parma violet' sweets at the sweet shop! I'm so impressed with the body mists' as I have been using the English Rose one in particular for a while now, as I keep it in my handbag, and yet the amount of product in the bottle has hardly moved, so I can also say that these are not only long lasting on the skin, but also in the bottle!

I Love Cosmetics Review

I've also tried two of the Body Butters: Glazed Raspberry and Vanilla Milk.
Vanilla Milk is my personal favourite as it smells so fresh and 'clean', but I also do love using the Glazed Raspberry body butter as it smells of berries and is the perfect sweet treat, so I think I will love that scent more so in the winter time. The body butters themselves are incredible. They leave my skin feeling so silky soft and moisturised all day longThey are rich and creamy as they contain shea butter and coconut oil, yet the product sinks into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky, which I find can be rare for such a thick and indulgent body butter. The tubs contain 300ml worth of product which is great. I love using these every day after I have had a shower.

The new signature line was launched on the 18th July so if you are interested in trying these out for yourselves and going back to your childhood, their website is: www.ilovecosmetics.co.uk

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Love, Vicky x

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