How To: Pack Light This Summer

How To Pack Light

As you know if you follow me on my social media or have read my previous posts, I have recently got back from a week away in Fuerteventura, and I also went to South Wales just last weekend. With my boyfriend living in York, I also tend to go on mini-breaks there too so I'm beginning to master the art of packing light. I thought I would share with you a few of my top tips for packing when travelling to make sure you don't over pack or worse- forget something!

Consider your trip

It's a good idea to consider where you are going and how long for. This will help you decide how much stuff you need to take and what type of things you'll need. For instance, are you going on a city break or an abroad sunbathing holiday? Depending on how long you are going away for and what you are going to do there will determine what you need to pack with you, so before you begin to even think about packing, remember where and why you are going away.

How To Pack Light

Write yourself a list of what you will need 

I'm such a lists person anyway but trust me, writing a list of what you need to pack on a piece of paper or on the notes app of your phone helps you to not forget anything, particularly the smaller things that are usually the most important such as your phone charger! I like to start my imagining my outfits and what accessories and shoes I think I will need and then move on to imagining my morning routine. I find that this way, I avoid the regret of forgetting to pack an item. 
THINK: Toiletries, hair brush, glasses etc...

Plan your outfits

I think this is the key to not only packing light, but also to ensure that you are organised and don't forget anything. It sounds silly but quite often I will have completely forgotten to pack the shoes that I need for an outfit and end up feeling very stressed, but planning ahead makes everything so much easier when you get to your designation.  Planning your outfits before/whilst you pack will also reduce the chance of bringing extra unnecessary clothes with you that take up precious space in your suitcase. I like to do this so that I know exactly what top will go with what jeans and to help me decide if I really need those extra three t-shirts...

How To Pack Light

Question yourself

I find it helpful to ask myself: Do I really need to take this with me? If you are uncertain, the answer is you probably don't. One mistake I always tend to make is I'll pack far too much makeup, which particularly for a beach holiday, just is not needed! So I'll ask myself, 'do I really need three foundations or six lipsticks?' and the answer more often than not is no
Although, doing this does take a bit of will power and strength so I recommend laying everything out that you want to take with you beforehand, and then return back to it the next day or even a couple of hours later and be ruthless. 

Thank you for reading!

What are your top tips for packing light?

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