The Couple Next Door | Book Review

The Couple Next Door Book Review

I picked up 'The Couple Next Door' on a whim from Waterstones a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I read the blurb, I was instantly sold and eager to get home, make a cup of tea and start reading this. The plot of this book reminded me a lot of the Madeline McCann case as a six month old baby, with rich parents, is stolen from it's cot as the parents attend a dinner party next door.

The Couple Next Door Book Review

This book is full of suspense and definitely a page-turnerI read this book in just under a week, and with my dissertation submission date fast approaching, I'd say that's pretty good going for me. This book is a psychological thriller and although it's not the most twisted thriller I've read, this book is perfect if you're looking for an engaging, holiday read.

I thought this book was very well paced and I was pleased to discover that you find out who kidnapped the baby halfway through the book, unlike most other thrillers who save the big reveal for the very end. This book had me doubting who was the master-mind behind it all again and again. With each chapter ending came a new shocking revelation which made this book addictive. I was desperate to find out who took the baby and WHY. As the narrative goes on, further secrets are revealed so this book does require some concentration from the reader, otherwise you'll miss important information.

The Couple Next Door Book Review

From start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was only at the very end I felt disappointed as I thought that the author could have continued to build up the tension and done more of a 'big reveal'. I felt like the ending was far too dramatic, lacked logic and not necessary, so I felt like that ruined the end of the book for me. Although, it did make me wish there was a sequel to this book, just so I could find out what happened after that, so I guess you could say it was extremely enticing and crazy throughout.
The Couple Next Door Book Review

Overall, I'd highly recommend this book to those of you who like psychological thrillers. It contains plenty of suspense, surprises and twists. The final ending was very disappointing in my opinion as I felt as though it was far from reality, but it did add an element of violence if thats of interest to you. 

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