HP Sprocket Photo Printer Review

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Review

As someone who loves scrapbooking, a portable printer couldn't have been a more perfect 21st birthday present. After having my fair share of trouble with the Polaroid Snap Touch photo printer (I'll come onto that more in a second), I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the HP Sprocket Photo Printer. 

 The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a super easy way to print out Polaroid-style pictures from your phone, anywhere at any time. The HP Sprocket comes with a USB charging cord and a 10 sheet pack of the 2x3 Zink paper. The zink paper is sticky back, so you can peel off the back and stick the photo down on any surface. For Christmas last year, I popped a Polaroid picture of my nan and I in her Christmas card and she absolutely loved it. I was instantly impressed with how easy this printer is to use as it came with a modern and sleek app and instructions, unlike the Polaroid camera...(throw that shadeee).

The quality of the pictures are great and they are fully printed and dry within seconds, so you dont have to wait for it to dry or worry about the photo smudging. The HP Sprocket app that you need to be able to use this, is also really great as you can add text, borders, emojis or stickers to the images. For example, in the picture above of my mum and I which was taken in Berlin (see post), I added some heart stickers to the picture by using the app.


The idea of the Polaroid Snap Touch portable printer is fantastic as you are able to not only print Polaroid pictures from your phone, but the in-built camera also allows you to take pictures on the spot. However, the camera quality of the Polaroid Snap Touch is shocking so I only ever took the pictures on my iPhone and printed them out afterwards anyway. It is also a lot harder to use and more bulkier than the sprocket, as well as it reminding me of a 90's style app and not coming with instructions. To top it off, the Polariod Snap Touch is around £20 more expensive than the Sprocket, so it's safe to say I would recommend steering clear from that one and opting for the HP sprocket instead, if you are looking for a portable printer.

 Overall, I'd say that for me, the HP Sprocket is totally worth the money as I find it so easy to use. I'd recommend it for anyone who likes to document their travels and their life, although I'd be cautious as the zink paper is usually around £12 for 20 sheets

Have you got a portable printer? What do you use yours for? Let me know in the comments below! 
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