2018 Goals

        2018 Goals VL-Beauty

        Happy New Year you lovely bunch! 

        My latest post was all about reflecting on the goals that I set myself this time last year for 2017, so today I thought I would set myself some new goals for the year ahead. 

        There's always something very refreshing about entering into a New Year. A time to start with a blank canvas and make each year the best one yet! For the past two years here on my blog, I have made 'goals' instead of making New Years resolutions, which I find works much better for me and helps to keep me on track. Without further a do, here are a few things that I hope to achieve this year.

        2018 Goals VL-Beauty

        Graduate with a first class honours degree in Psychology

        Be accepted onto my first choice masters degree programme

        I really want to visit Brighton this year for some reason. I think it's partly to do with how peaceful and tranquil it appears to be; especially with it being right by the sea.

        I want to cook more homemade and healthier meals for myself which thanks to my mum buying me a student cookery book for Christmas, I now have no excuse!

        I've decided to set myself a few goals for my socials, although I think it is important to not focus too much on numbers. More for encouragement and to see how far my blog has grown in a year, I've set myself the goal to: reach 400 Bloglovin’ followers, 3,000 Twitter followers and 1,500 Instagram followers.

        Gain further work experience in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy

        I want to see more of the world by either going travelling or at least exploring one different country this year

        Take active steps to be more ethically aware such as moving away from cows milk and red meat and opting for more healthier and ethical alternatives such as almond milk and a vegetarian diet. 

          But most importantly, I would like for 2018 to be as amazing, or even better than 2017 was for me! I also hope my friends and family are happy, healthy and successful this year!

        What are your goals for 2018?

        Thank you for reading! 
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