Festive Q&A

Festive Q&A

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do something a little different on my blog and help you guys get to know me a little more by doing a Christmas related Q&A post! I have tagged everyone who sent me a question twitter URL's. 

(PS. Apologies in advance for how many times I say 'Christmas' in this post...)

Q1: What is your favourite Christmas song?

I actually really love Cee Lo Green's Christmas album (Cee Lo's Magic Moment) and on that I love 'What Christmas means to me' and 'Merry Christmas, Baby'. If we're talking traditional Christmas songs, then my favourite would be 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' by Wizzard. Classic.

Q2: When do you start feeling festive?

This year I seem to be feeling very festive quiet early on which is probably because I attended the ideal home Christmas show on the 11th November and then I went to the Berlin Christmas markets at the end of November which made me feel very festive! Usually it's a couple of weeks before Christmas, when Christmas music is played everywhere you go and work Christmas parties begin and I head home from Uni to celebrate Christmas.

Q3: What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

Wow. This is so tricky. Every year I am so grateful for every single present I receive and they are all equally as amazing as they have come from a loved one who has put thought, effort and money into gifting me a present! I'd probably have to go for being taken to New York by my parents with my sisters a few years back though as they kept it a secret from us for so long and I remember being utterly stunned when I found out as it's well, NEW YORK!

Q4: What is your favourite Christmas Film?

Elf! I've watched it a million times yet it still never fails to have me in stitches! 

Festive Q&A

Q5: Is there one thing that you receive as a gift every year without fail?

Socks haha!

Q6: Do you have any traditions that you do on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Yes- We always go to a Christingle service at church on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, we have a lot of traditions that we always do every year, such as opening presents first thing in the morning all together in the lounge and then having a breakfast with croissants, pate, fresh orange juice, bacon buttys etc. This is the first year that I won't be waking up with one of my sisters as she moved out in March this year with her boyfriend. I think it'll feel strange without her but those traditions will help it still feel like Christmas.

Q7: What's your favourite part of the Christmas dinner? 

This was an easy answer for me- 100% the pigs & blankets! I'm always scavenging for more and staring at my grandma to see if she's going to eat hers or not haha!

Q8: Snow man or snow angel?

Snow man!

Q9:Do you do any Christmas baking?

Yes! I love baking around Christmas time. If it is my mums turn to do Christmas (alternates between her and my Auntie each year), then I will help her make the puddings for Christmas day which I love doing. I usually always make some Christmas cookies for the tree too.

Q10: What do you do around the Christmas table?

We usually just talk whilst we eat our dinner, but in my family that usually means people talking OVER each other and fighting to be heard! There's a lot of laughter around our table over Christmas. One year I did a Christmas quiz for us to enjoy around the table which went down really well, so I might try and think of another game for this year to keep everyone entertained whilst we eagerly await for the main event, the Christmas dinner.

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