A Reflection of 2017

Hi everyone,
2017 is nearing it's close and I thought as I did a 2017 goals post back in January (see here), I thought it would be nice to take some time and reflect upon those goals that I set for myself. This year has been good to me and my family. I've achieved a lot this year, and made and cemented so many life-long friendships. I'm just hoping that I'm fortunate enough for 2018 to be just as fantastic. 

2017 Reflections

I set myself the goal to work out at least 3 times a week and eat healthier. This completely went to pot during the first six months of the year, as the stress of second year of uni took its toll and I managed to put just over a stone of weight on! I found it so much easier to eat a bag of crisps when I was working away in the library, as opposed to a healthier alternative. I know everyone says this but I really felt like I was far too busy for the gym and 'bad' food was more on hand, hence the sudden increase I weight when I went back home for summer. However, I did manage to lose two stone over the summer, just by hitting the gym and reducing the amount of pasta, sweets and chocolate that I indulged in, so I'm super proud of myself for that! I'm now keeping a closer eye on what I'm eating and making more time to go to the gym, as it's actually a really good stress reliever, something that I am in dire need of now I'm in my final year. I'm really happy with my body and weight now so I'm going into 2018 feeling healthy and accomplished!

In terms of blogging, 2017 has been a very good year! Over this past year, I've had the privilege of working on a few sponsored posts with some amazing brands and also I posted more frequently than the previous year, with an average of 3 posts per month. I set myself the goal of reaching 500 Bloglovin' followers over the course of last year, which I did not manage to achieve as I am currently on 366 followers, but considering I don't promote my Bloglovin social, I'm perfectly content with that. The next target for my socials was Twitter which I aimed to reach 1500 followers. I most certainly achieved that with my follower count currently on 1,804! I also wanted to reach 1000 instagram followers which again I achieved with my follower count currently on 1,018!

As I put it back in January 2017, 'my ultimate goal' of 2017 was to travel some more. I can report I did just that! I went down south to Dorset over the summer and last month I went to Germany to see the Berlin Christmas Markets! I really do want to branch out and perhaps even go travelling, so maybe that's something I can aim to achieve next year.

2017 Reflections

My goal last year was to have an amazing 21st birthday and I certainly had just that! I had a 21st party with the theme: Glitz & Glamour. It was honestly by far the best night of my life and I am forever grateful to my parents for helping me to organise it! I made the most amazing memories and celebrated it with all my favourite people- what more can a girl wish for!

2017 Reflections2017 Reflections

Possibly my main goal for this past year, as minuscule as it may sound, was to become confident with driving on the motorway. I'm not sure why or how I did it, but I got it into my head that the motorway was this insanly difficult place to drive on and despite passing my driving test over four years ago, I still hadn't probably driven on the motorway, well with full confidence that is! I made it my mission for 2017 to be that year, as I was fed up of feeling anxious every time my sat-nav told me I needed to get on the motorway. By the time summer had arrived, I still hadn't completed this goal, so I booked a day in my diary to dedicate to this and I did it! The feeling of euphoria after I came home was epic.

Rounding up the last couple of goals I set for myself on my 2017 goals post (see here),I managed to grow my nails with the help of purchasing the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Growth Treatment and I've never looked back. My nails have been growing so long and also, strong which is exactly what I wanted to achieve this year. I just need to keep resisting the temptation to bite them off in anxious situations or when I'm bored! I've really got a lot better this year at caring less about what other people think of me, especially with regards to wearing makeup. I've felt more confident this year with going out without makeup on, which I'm more than happy doing, but I've just not cared as much about what other people will think, if that makes any sense! 

Finally, my goal was to focus and do well with university which I have been trying so hard to achieve. I started 2017 in my second year and finished off that year with a first which I am very proud of. I then spent the summer working full-time and went back to Uni in September to start my third and final year. If you're interested in finding out about more of my University journey, click here to read my most recent University update. 2018 will see me graduate and hopefully begin my masters degree, which is all very exciting. 

I'm very excited to see what 2018 brings. What have you achieved in 2017?

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