University Update #3

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Hello everyone!

I am now in my third and final year of my Psychology degree!
As my last university update was around February time earlier this year, I just thought I'd also report on how I found second year. I finished second year with a 1st which I am over the moon about as you can imagine, but with that, also comes the pressure to receive the same grade this year, and overall for my degree. I know nobody is putting that pressure on me other than myself, and in fact, a little pressure can draw out the best in me, so that's what I'm going to aim for, a first class degree!

As expected, I can report that third year is stressful! The workload has been incredibly intense this year. I started back towards the end of September and I had a 100 page portfolio worth 75% of one of my modules due for the end of October. Somehow I managed to complete that in time and I am awaiting my grade back anytime soon, but that for me was really difficult as I hadn't done any uni work since last May, so then to come back and straight away have to get started with such a big piece of work was extremely stressful. I've made a good start on my dissertation and received ethical approval to conduct my study, so I'm hoping to be making a start on that soon, ideally before Christmas. I'm conducting research into phishing emails and exploring what factors make people susceptible to becoming victims of such an attack, which I find really interesting. 

VL-Beauty University

At the start of this new academic year, I felt very down and I felt as though despite having a summer 'off', I was stressed and had a lot on my mind. This is because I spent so much time thinking about what I wanted to do with my degree and whether or not I wanted to do a masters. I spent endless days searching the internet for inspiration and even a solution to my problem. I even booked an appointment at a careers service and went there for some advice. As with most things like this, it does take time but it also requires you to stay calm and that, I am not good at. I felt as though time was running out for me to decide and I felt hopeless and longed to be one of those people who just know what they want to do. You know Suzie in your class at Primary school who wanted to be a Doctor and oh look, is now training to be a Doctor? Yeah, well that was never me. I have always been so indecisive about my future, but ever since doing my degree in Psychology I've known that's what I wanted to do, but without boring you with the details of the endless routes you can go down, the fact that there was such a rigid route to the field, made me feel under-pressure. I can't say for certain what my plans are, but I am hoping to do a masters. That's the plan, but as you've probably noticed by the rambles you've just read, I'm not too certain of anything at the present moment!

In terms of other aspects of University, my role as a Supervisor at the SU shop is going really well. I'm learning so much, not just about management, but also about myself. I've learnt how to deal with some difficult situations and remain calm in those, and learnt how to delegate and assign job roles to staff in an appropriate way. At the end of the day, most of those staff members are my friends, so I found it difficult being told to tell them what to do but I've overcome that and I am really enjoying the position! I honestly feel like come summer, when it's time for everyone to say their goodbyes and time for me to leave that job, I will be a very sad person indeed. I love working there and as soppy as it sounds, for me and my boyfriend, Jack, I think it'll always hold a special place in our hearts as that's where we met!

At the present moment, I think I'm doing alright with juggling a job, blogging and University! I've been making the most of all my spare time and making sure I plan ahead. I'm constantly using the notes app on my phone to jot down post ideas whilst I walk to lectures. 
I feel as though I can definitely put 'good organisation' down on my CV!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to message me if you have any questions around University!

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