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Keromask review

The colder months have arrived and so has the redness on my face. 
I tend to get redness around my cheeks and on my nose and no matter what I try, it always seems to poke its way through my foundation! If you are a regular reader of my posts, you'll know that I struggle a lot with dark under-eye circles and I have tried numerous products to try and counteract them underneath my foundation yet nothing seems to work. I guess being a third year undergraduate student doesn't really help on the 'get more sleep' front either. So when I was contacted to try out some of Keromask's full coverage camouflage range, I knew I had to accept the opportunity.

Keromask is a makeup range which specialises in camouflage makeup to disguise all skin imperfections including: acne scaring, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, stretch marks, dark under-eye circles and even unwanted tattoos. Keromask can be purchased from Chemist.net, which is a really user-friendly website that makes products easy to navigate and locate.

Keromask camouflage cream

The keromask camouflage cream definitely helps to lighten up the eye area and conceal dark under-eye circles. I ordered the shade light no.1 which acts as a brilliant under-eye brightener and matches my pasty skin perfectly (sob sob). This cream is available in 25 shades which is amazing as keromask caters for all skin types and tones which is great to see in a brand. As you can see in the pictures above and below, a small drop of this cream really does go a long way and as the cream is also thick, I would be wary about applying too much as it becomes hard to blend out.

Keromask camouflage cream

I also ordered the Translucent Mineral Rich Loose Finishing Powder which is designed to set the foundation and also prepare the skin for additional products to be applied, such as eye shadows and blushers. The powder comes in four shades: translucent, light, medium and dark, which like the cream, is inclusive of all skin tones. I opted for the translucent powder. They are designed to complement the creams but I also love to use this as a generic all-round translucent powder. I use this powder on top of the cream which creates an airbrushed finish, which you can see in the picture below. There is no doubt that this powder works and works well, but I am not a massive fan of the smell of this product. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just smells..unique and a little bit werid.

Keromask camouflage cream

I tested these products out on a dark brown mole/birthmark that I have on my leg which I can feel quite self-conscious about sometimes. I found that this cream made the mole appear less intense in colour, yet it didn't actually cover it up and disguise it, as the product claims to do, it just laid on top of the mole. 

I don't have any tattoos to be able to test this on but as I noticed with my mole, the lighter shade of this sort-of highlights the area, which is great for the under eyes, but if you are interested in using this product to cover up any unwanted tattoos, I would suggest going for a slightly darker shade than I have, obviously depending on your skin tone.

Testing these products further, I wanted to try out the products ability to disguise scars, as it claims to do. I tried it on a scar that I have on my hand from an operation that I had as a child and I was very impressed to see that it worked! As I said before, the product is so thick and pigmented that you only need a pea-sized amount, especially as I was only covering up a small area. At first I used too much cream and it clung to the creases on my hand, as you might be able to notice in the picture below. As I rubbed the cream in, it settled into the skin and I couldn't even see the scar which I am so impressed with. 

Overall, I've been very impressed with these products and am loving incorporating them into my makeup routine, as they both certainly do the trick! A massive bonus about both of these products and keromask as a brand, is that keromask is cruelty-free, meaning that it does not test on animals!
*Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own*

Have you ever tried camouflage makeup before?  
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