Ready, Set, GOLD!

Morphe 35R: Ready, Set, GOLD!
Yes I can see those eyes widen as you stare at your screens wondering why I am reviewing yet another Morphe palette and silently wondering how many of these palettes I actually own. This is the third Morphe palette to be added into my ever-growing eyeshadow collection and I am OBSESSED yet again. Morphe palettes are a cult favourite of mine as they contain a mix of matte and shimmers so the palettes are perfect for travelling as you can easily create a mixture of looks just with one palette. As always with these palettes, all the shades are soft and buttery and have amazing pigmentation. I always buy my Morphe palettes from Beauty Bay so I don't have to worry about paying customs or waiting an age for it to arrive.

The 35R palette was released earlier this year to bring the 'regal look of gold into everyday life'. It contains 35 shades ranging from rich chocolate browns to metallic coppers and stunning golds. There are 18 flat matte shades, 15 metallic and 2 shimmery mattes. The packaging is classic Morphe plastic black case with the Morphe logo on the front.

Morphe 35R: Ready, Set, GOLD!
Now onto the swatches. I just used one single swipe to swatch these shades onto my arm and admittedly, some were more pigmented than others. In particular, I noticed that the matte shades weren't as pigmented as the shimmers. Nevertheless, when applied onto my eyes, all of these shades were really easy to blend and build up. For the foiled shades, I recommend using a flat eyeshadow brush, perhaps sprayed with some Fix + from M.A.C to pack on the shadow to create an intense look. I am really impressed with how pigmented the black shade is in this palette (on the fourth row)- check it out for yourselves!

Top Row (from left to right)
Morphe 35R: Ready, Set, GOLD!

Second Row (from left to right)

Morphe 35R: Ready, Set, GOLD!

Third Row (from left to right)

Morphe 35R: Ready, Set, GOLD!

Fourth Row (from left to right)

Morphe 35R: Ready, Set, GOLD!

Fifth Row (from left to right)

Morphe 35R: Ready, Set, GOLD!

I can't rave about this palette enough as it contains a variety of cool, warm and neutral tones. I think that this palette will be perfect for Christmas time especially, as I love wearing gold shades during that season. I've experienced little to no fall-out whilst using this which is amazing and leads me to believe that Morphe have improved their formula for this palette! As I always say, £22.99 for 35 amazing eyeshadows is too good to resist!

Have you tried out any of the Morphe palettes? Let me know your thoughts!

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