A Moisturiser That's Thicker Than My Thighs

What's In It For Me? body cream

If you follow me on Instagram (you should, shameless plug @VLBeautyx), you would have seen on my story that I was very kindly sent a package containing this body cream from the up and coming brand 'whats in it for me?'. I'd never heard of this brand before but I was drawn in by their brand design. They use a simple white background and text combination which creates a clean, fresh look for their packaging. The design is simple, yet effective, with the natural ingredients being clearly displayed on the front of the packaging. I love how theres no hidden agenda with this brand/product, it just tells you upfront what it contains and what it does which really appeals and sells to me.

What's In It For Me? body cream

What's In It For Me? body cream

The product itself is very thick and rich, as you can probably see in the photograph below, yet it sinks into your skin really quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky after, which is one of my pet peeves when it comes to applying body lotions and creams. As I mention in a lot of my skincare posts, I do have very sensitive skin and often do get allergic reactions from various different products so I was apprehensive about trying this, as I am with all new skincare products. I've not had one single reaction to this body cream which is amazing as usually body creams can make me feel a little itchy for a while after applying them, so because of that, I am raving about this product!

What's In It For Me? body cream

This product can be found in Harvey NicholsFragrance Direct or on the brands Instagram site. The product retails at £11.50 on Harvey Nichols's website, or £10 on the Fragrance Direct site, so it's a no brainer- go for fragrance direct! I must admit that this body cream is on the more pricer side and I wouldn't normally spend that much on a body cream, because I'm a tight student lol. Although, the tub is 200ml so it contains a lot of product and as it is so thick, a little goes a really long way so it should last me a long time, in comparison to other body creams. All things considered, I would spend £10/£11 for this particular body cream, as to me it feels so luxurious and does a great job at moisturising my skin. It also feels like a real treat to be applying this product onto my skin and I love how my skin is soaking up all the natural ingredients. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own*

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