21 Things I've Learnt In 21 Years

21 Things I've Learnt In 21 Years- VL-Beauty

 I turn 21 next week and to commemorate that, I thought that I would take some time to reflect on what I have learnt about myself and life in general, over the past 21 years. 

Enjoy the little things in life. Those are the memories that you will keep for a long time. 

It's okay to let goI believe that everyone walks into your life for a reason, and not all of them are meant to stay. Let them go but never forget the lessons they taught you, both good and bad, and despite how much you might miss them, everything works out in the end.

Quality over quantity
. I would much rather have 1 great, loyal friend than 10 fake ones. 

I need some alone time. Although I love spending time with family and friends, I've learnt that I also need some time by myself to unwind. To do this, I enjoy zoning out by watching Youtube videos or reading a book.

Never google your health symptoms. It won't end well I promise. According to google, I should be long dead by now.

 It's okay to let people in. In the past I have really struggled with letting my walls down and opening up to people, in fear of being hurt. But I've learnt that the relationship will either bring me happiness or it'll teach me lessons and make me into a stronger person. Opening up to people can be scary but often it is worth it.

If I was rich, I would probably spend most of it on beauty products. Especially 
eyeshadow palettes.

Not everyone is going to like you, and that is OK. What is important is to spend time with the people who do.

Mums really do know best

Who cares what people think. The right people will love you for you.

 I worry far too much. I worry about everything and everyone. I even worry about things I have no control over so I've learnt that I need to learn to stop this and let go a bit more! Perhaps if I ever do another one of these posts in a few years time, I *might* say I've improved with this. But lets not all hold our breaths ey.

Making someone else smile is priceless.

Family is everything. They are there for you throughout thick and thin and have always got your back.

Don't take yourself too seriously. Live a little. Go crazy, forget about what other people think of you and live in the moment. Basically, be a little goofy, it's so much more fun!

21 Things I've Learnt In 21 Years- VL-Beauty
You've only got one face. No matter how much makeup you plaster over that face, you are still left with your skin underneath it all. I've learnt to take care of my skin first and foremost and invest in skincare products over makeup products.

Walk away from toxic people. Or in this day and age, unfriend or block them. Theres nothing wrong with cutting negative people out of your life if all they do is bring you misery and put you down. This is easier said than done sometimes I admit, but some people are just not worth the pain. Ask yourself this, if they bring you more sadness and stress than happiness, I think it's time you walked away.

I am TERRIBLE at quick maths. 

Food is my life. Especially breakfast. How some people 'skip' breakfast is beyond me. I wake up in the morning, open my eyes and plan what I'm having for breakfast. Breakfast is everything.

I'm such a cosy, comfy kinda girl. I love nothing more than comfy clothes, especially my fluffy dressing gown and snuggling into a cosy blanket.

I get a buzz out of helping other people

"You get out of life what you put into it". This is my mums favourite quote and she bangs on about it so much that it's most definitely drilled into my head!

21 Things I've Learnt In 21 Years- VL-Beauty

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