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Todays post is something a little different. I asked my lovely friend Emmi who has recently graduated from uni and has bagged herself an amazing job, to share with you a few pieces of advice that she would give to final year university students and graduates. Emmi is also a blogger over at 'Just Emmi' so be sure to check out her blog and also the guest post that I did over on her blog where I gave my advice on how to survive coming to uni! I went to Uni with Emmi and also worked alongside her at our job working in the Students Union shop. Thats all for me this week I'll leave you all to get on with reading Emmi's guest post but I'll be back next Sunday as usual! Have a lovely week x 


When Vicky asked me to write this guest post about my advice for uni students in their final year I had a mini heart attack. My third year of university was hectic, stressful and the busiest time of my life. What advice could I give to a student that would actually be useful? But despite stress levels reaching an all time high during my third year, I am now a graduate so I clearly did something right… right?

University is a long process that required a lot of hard work, determination, motivation and coffee. But there are a few things you can start doing now to take the edge off and help you out.

1. Get organised
I know it sounds so simple and cliche but seriously get a planner, a diary, sticky notes, a whiteboard. Just get something to help you get organised. Use these tools to plan your day, week and month. Set out days for certain things like revision, going to the gym, reading assigned books etc. The more you can plan your day the easier it will be to keep on top of things.

2. Do stuff outside of uni
Ok so I know I said third year was the busiest time of my life, and it will be for you as well. But on top of all of your classes, assignments and part time job you also need to be doing everything you can to up that CV of yours. Volunteer, get involved in a sports club (employers love team players), start a blog. Whatever subject you are interested in find a way to do something related to it outside of your class. It will make you stand out to recruiters, give you something to talk about in interviews and might be the thing that lands you that dream job.

3. Make time for friends
It can be very easy to spend the majority of your final year in the library but taking time out of your day to catch up with your friends is just as important. You don’t have to go out drinking all night, but a simple lunch break will help you keep that balance between work and social life.

4. Start applying for jobs early
I was lucky enough to have job interviews lined up before I even took my final exams, and I came straight out of them and into a full time job. Now you don’t need to apply for jobs in December, but start looking at what’s out there and what you want to do around Easter time. Then once you know where you want to go and what your exam timetable is start applying.

5. Don’t get disheartened
When you’re applying for jobs and getting rejection letters don’t be disheartened. I remember panicking thinking I was never going to find something and I’d have to move back home with my parents. But the truth is something will come along for you. It won’t just plonk itself into your lap - you’ll have to work for it. But eventually the right job for you will come a long.

6. Don’t be a hoarder
Moving out can be such a stress free process if you haven’t got that much stuff. But if like me you have collected bits and bobs over the past 3 years and never really chucked any of it away then you better crack on. If you can spend a couple hours every month going through your things and getting rid of items you don’t wear/use or like anymore this will make moving out so much easier!

7. Start saving now
Moving out is also very very expensive. I won’t tell you how much my boyfriend and I had to pay for out 2 bedroom flat but it was a lot more than we had expected. This is why it’s really good to start saving as much as you can now if you have the chance. Even £20 a month will really help come the summer - it might mean no more nights out for awhile though. #priorities

8. You don’t have to have the answers now
I know you’ve spent 3 years at university, maybe longer, studying your set subject. But this doesn’t mean that you have to have all the answers. If you don’t know what type of job you want when you graduate that’s OK. If you don’t know if you want to do a masters or not that’s OK too. Society will expect you to know exactly what you want to do with your life for the next 30 years but don’t be pressured into anything. It’s OK to move back home. It’s OK to get a job in something completely different to your degree. It’s OK to not have a plan - I wrote a whole post on this which you can see here.

Be sure to check out my blog and social links below. I’d love to hear what you are all studying.
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Weekend Outfits

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Today I thought I would share with you two outfits that I would reach for over a typical weekend! 

Saturday- Smart Casual

Bodysuit- Dorothy Perkins
Culottes- Primark
Converse- Schuh
Leather Jacket- New Look (A few years old)


Sunday Funday-  Casual

T-shirt: Pull & Bear
Jeans: Primark
Black Old Skool Vans- Schuh

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