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Hi everyone!
I've had a super busy week this week and have found myself often rushing to do my makeup with minimal time to spare. I find that knowing which products work well for me and what products I could skip and get away with really helps. Here is my go-to look if I need to look some-what presentable when I'm in a hurry.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

This foundation is really buildable, without making my skin look cakey at all. I would say it gives me a light-medium coverage whilst making my skin appear very healthy and dewy. This foundation blends really well into my skin, so I like using this one when I am in a hurry as it is super quick and easy to apply.

Collection Cover Up Stick
I always have this concealer in my handbag as it is so easy to apply and you don't need a brush to blend it out as it is a stick concealer with a creamy formula. This concealer works really well at covering up my under-eye circles and hiding red, pesky blemishes.

Sleek Face Contour Kit Contour Powder

Despite being in a hurry, I like to give my face some dimension and definition, so I use this contour powder as a bronzer to make my skin look more healthy and less pasty!

No7 Blush in Coral Flush

I apply this blush to quickly give my skin a pop of colour and make myself appear more healthy, and presumably as I'm in a rush, less tired.

 Rimmel Brow This Way Kit
This is such a great kit for filling in eyebrows! It is super quick and easy and even comes with a double-ended brush and spoolie, so it makes the job even quicker, than having to find an eyebrow brush! This kit is also great at filling in my eyebrows in general and I recommend it to everyone. I like to use this on a daily basis, whether I am in a rush, so at least if the rest of my makeup might be rushed and a bit iffy, my brows will be "on fleek"!

 Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara
I'm sure you guys know by now but this is my current favourite mascara as it is so quick to apply and leaves me with such full, long lashes, with minimal effort, so it's great for when I'm in a rush!
No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in 'Mulberry'

This is just my perfect every day lipstick shade. It definitely makes you look put together and the cream, moisturising formula makes it really easy to apply. There is no need for lip liner with this lipstick- you can't really go wrong and it works really well with minimal makeup.

Let me know your go-to products for doing your makeup in a hurry in the comments below or tweet me!

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