University Update #2

UCLan University Update #2

Hi Everyone!

I thought it was about time that I did my second, and long-overdue, university update!
I can't believe that it's been nearly a year already since I did my first university update! (read here). I must admit, I was planning on doing university updates more regularly, but clearly that didn't work out haha!

I am now in my second semester of my 2nd year studying Psychology. It's crazy to think that I am half way through my degree already! It only feels like yesterday that I was apprehensive about the whole thing, and saying my goodbyes to my family as I moved into halls.

In terms of the workload for 2nd year, I have found that it is a massive step up from 1st year, which is to be expected really. I have had a lot more assignments to do and I have found that the emphasis is more on individual learning and responsibility, rather than being 'spoon-fed' the information, like in college and majority of 1st year. This year I have really worked hard on every assignment that I have been set, and that has definitely payed off as I have received a 1st in every assignment so far, and achieving 93% on my statistic exam that I took in January!! As you can imagine, I am really overwhelmed and ecstatic about that, as as I mentioned in my first university post, I am definitely not a academically gifted person and I really have to work hard for my grades, but I never expected to be doing this well and I really hope that I can keep it up! *Fingers crossed*

Last year, around April/May time, I got a new job working in the Student's Union shop, which is a co-operative store. I am still working there, and last month I was offered a supervisor position which should start around April time. I loving working here as I love that the staff and customers are fellow students, which means they are more understanding of academic commitments. I have made so many new friends through working here and it's one of those jobs that actually makes you look forward to working!

This year, I am so much happier in myself and my personal life, which makes my time at university so much more enjoyable. I have made a lot of new friendships over the course of this past year, through working on the university summer school over the summer, and starting this new job in the Students Union. I have also found that I have consolidated and strengthened a lot of my original friendships, and also cut loose of those toxic, unhealthy friendships and relationships. This year, I have found myself going out a lot more and doing a lot more outside of university and just enjoying my time a lot more!

Thank you for reading this post and please let me know if you would like me to do more frequent university updates, and feel free to ask me any university-related questions!

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