1 Year

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary for my blog VL-Beauty!

I can't quite believe that I have had my little space on the internet for a year already; it's honestly flown by! I still feel as though I am new to the blogging world, and have a lot more to learn.
I decided to create this blog on the 25th February 2016 as something to do in my spare time at University, and because I was so passionate about all things makeup and beauty. In all honesty, I actually wanted to create a YouTube channel deep down instead, but still to this day the thought of putting myself out there like that scares me far too much. I absolutely love watching beauty and lifestyle Youtubers'. I find that it really helps me to relax and wind down, so I wanted my own chance to be able to share my love for makeup with other people.
Over the course of this year, I have tried to stick to my schedule of posting every Sunday. I have found that hard to stick to sometimes, whether it be because of plans, too much uni work, or simply not having the motivation or ideas to blog, which I do find can happen. In total, I have published 46 blog posts this year so I have missed 6 blog posts. One of my goals throughout my second year into blogging will be to try and build up a 'bank' of posts, so that when my uni work does get on top of me, I won't be letting my blog slack as a result. My most read blog post is surprisingly one of my first posts that I did: Favourite Real Technique Brushes (read here). As this year has progressed, I have tried to step out of my comfort zone some more and published some more personal posts, such as University updates (see here and here), which I want to do more regularly.
Ever since making this blog a year ago, I have found myself becoming less afraid to speak my mind and tell people my thoughts and feelings. Over this past year, I do feel as though my blog has helped to increase my confidence and have another hobby, outlet and distraction from Uni. A year on, and still when my friends discover my blog, I cringe a little inside and feel slightly embarrassed about it. But when I find out that those people actually enjoying reading my content and support me, soon overrides that shy, nervous part of me and I become even more motivated with my blog. I find that I have to remind myself that at the end of the day, who cares what people think when I'm doing something that I enjoy! So if you're reading this and wanting to make a blog yourself, I say go for it! I guarantee you won't regret it!
Thank you to everyone who continually supports me and reads this blog! It honestly means so much to me when people enjoy reading something that I enjoy creating.
Here's to another year,


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