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Real Techniques Brushes and Cleansing Palette

Hi everyone,

For Christmas last year, I was fortunate enough to receive the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette in my stocking. I was really happy and excited about receiving this gift as I am a huge lover of Real Technique brushes, and I have seen this cleansing palette advertised, but not really thought much into it.

As I am sure many of you are aware, with the Christmas party season comes dirty makeup brushes! I always find that my eye shadow brushes need more frequent washes over the party season as I am constantly trying out new eye-makeup looks, especially for New Years. Therefore, it was the perfect time to receive this palette as it honestly has made what is the biggest chore in history of washing makeup brushes, a whole lot less tedious!

Real Techniques Brushes and Cleansing Palette

The lightweight, silicone cleansing palette comes with a strap which fits really comfortably in my hand. I hold the palette and then swirl my brushes around in the various textures, to thoroughly clean in between the bristles of the brushes. I find that the larger raised dots/textured surface works well for cleaning bigger brushes, such as a powder brush, and the smaller raised dots work better for eye shadow and eyeliner brushes.
I also received the matching cleansing gel for Christmas which goes with this palette, and has such a lovely scent to it. However, I sometimes still use baby shampoo as the gel is relatively expensive, and this works just as well, as it is the palette that I find makes the most difference when cleaning my brushes.
Real Techniques Brushes

How I wash my makeup brushes using this tool:
1) Hold palette in hand and squeeze a drop of the corresponding cleansing gel (shop here) into the palette.
2) Run the brush under warm water and begin to swirl the brush across the multi-textured surface, until the brush is clean.
3) Thoroughly rinse the brushes with warm water and be sure to squeeze out the excess water.
4) Reshape and rest the brush on the edge of a surface, with the bristles hanging over the edge, as shown above ^, or upside down.
Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful for you.
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