September Goals

September Goals
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September is possibly my favourite month of the year. With Autumn looming comes pumpkin spiced lattes, scarfs, darker lipsticks, and lest we forget September is my birthday month! This month I head back to university as well as turning 20, so here's a few goals I'd like to reach this month. 
Exercise: I can't wait to hit the gym hard as I head back to Uni. With the gym only being walking distance away, and free to all students, I find myself making the most of this and using the gym a lot more than I do when I'm back at home. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and going to my much loved 'Zumba' class again.
Attempt to budget in Fresher's: (Emphasis on the attempt!) I've worked pretty much all summer so the last thing I want is to blow all my savings on fresher's fortnight, so I'm going to really try to budget on nights out.
Make my Uni room look pretty: This year I really want to make my Uni room all cute and cosy. With saving on buying all the pots and pans I had to buy last year, I have more money this year to spend of decorating my room. I have already bought a few pieces for my room so I am excited to move in and get settled and sorted asap.
Be more social on Twitter: I always forget to use Twitter on a regular basis but I want to step up my game and be more social on it! If you do want to follow me, I'd much appreciate it:
Cook myself 'proper' meals at Uni: From the offset, I want to try and eat a lot healthier than I did last year, especially during fresher's. I want to get better at cooking myself meals from scratch, or if that's too optimistic then I'll settle for anything other than a microwave meal.
Make more time for reading: I have been reading a lot this summer and I want that to continue when I get back to Uni. Reading before bed really helps me to relax and fall asleep quicker.
What are your goals for September? Let me know in the comments below!