Current Beauty Favourites

Current Beauty Favourties

Hi everyone, 

Today I am sharing with you my current beauty favourites. I have been loving these few products a lot recently so I thought it was only right that I shared them with you!

Morphe 35o Palette- I still can't get over how pretty this palette is! I am obsessed with it! The shades are gorgeous and so pigmented and I love how this palette has both matte and shimmer shades in it. This has been out of stock for ages now so I was so happy when it came back on Beauty Bay!

Essence Lip Liner in '06 Satin Mauve'- I love this Lip Liner! It is the perfect nude shade and it goes with so many of my matte liquid lipsticks! I own quite a few Essence lip liners now as they are all so cheap and really good quality!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in 'Rich in heart'- I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and I have been wearing it pretty much non-stop since! I was getting fed up of wearing brightly coloured nail polish all the time and wanted something darker. I love how this is like a black but is more of a dark plum colour in the light. This was only £2 from Superdrug and it lasts a lot longer than most of my other nail polishes!

Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit- Honestly, this product doesn't get raved about enough. I get quite a few questions on how I do my eyebrows and this is what I use on an everyday basis if I am in a rush (otherwise its my Mac Fluidline gel crème). This is perfect as it contains a wax to shape and set your brows and a powder to fill them in! It also contains a double ended angled brush and a spoolie, so it is also perfect for travelling! This is also really affordable at £3.99!

Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light- I have been loving this contour kit for a while now. I love the matte bronzer and the champagne highlighter. I love using this on an everyday basis as both products are really pigmented and easy to blend.

Make Up Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner in Black (from Poundland)- For £1, this product is an absolute winner! It has a thin applicator brush, the formula is jet black, and it lasts a really long time!

Christian Breton Dark Undereye Corrector Serum- I have THE worst dark circles underneath my eyes so when I saw this in TK Max for £13 when it is £39 on Amazon, I just had to pick it up! I have been using this morning and night on my eyes for a couple of weeks now and I have definitely noticed a significant difference! It has reduced the darkness underneath my eyes a considerable amount and also soothes my eyes, as I keep it in the fridge (as recommended!). If you struggle with dark circles like me, definitely get yourself down to TK Max or even try on eBay, if you don't want to fork out nearly £40 for an eye serum (#studentlife).

Essence Eye Pencil in '25 Say Hi Light'- I love using this on my water line to brighten up my eyes and make myself look more awake! This lasts all day on my eyes.

MAC Fix +- I use this product for so many different things, whether it be to prep and set my makeup, or to spray on my brushes to make my highlighter or eyeshadow 'pop'! I have found myself reaching for this all the time lately.

What have you been loving recently?


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The Ultimate Freshers Survival Guide

How to: survive freshers

Hi everyone,

For many, coming to University can be the first time they have not only just lived away from home, but also the first time many people have had to move into a completely new city and flat with complete strangers. Thats how it was for me anyway. Adding to the mix is 'freshers'. Freshers is a week or a fortnight that gives students and introduction into University life.
Freshers can be so much fun and such a great away to meet new people and make amazing memories, but it can also be quite dangerous seeing as you are with strangers and in a unfamiliar setting. So I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to survive freshers!
Side Note: I only just survived freshers as I ended up in A&E with severe freshers flu, so I may not be the best person to be giving out advice!

1) Never go anywhere alone, always try to stay in groups of two or three at least. 

2) Never leave your drink unattended. The last thing you want is to get your drink spiked so always carry it, and if you have a bottle, I suggest resting your thumb on top of it. 

3) Keep your flat/house key in a safe place. I suggest keeping it in a zipped area of your bag if you can, so that it doesn't fall out when you're rummaging through it!
4) Make sure you're eating enough- it's so easy to get ill during fresher's, you need to fuel your body with the right stuff and keep your immune system up!
5) Leave yourself a glass of water by the side of your bed before you go out. The drunk you will definitely appreciate it!
6) Bring your favourite DVDs to uni and have your favourite snacks on standby for those homesick/hungover days.
7) Don't take out your bank card with you on a night out. Draw out some cash beforehand to limit yourself. Contactless can be your worst enemy on a night out (trust me, I know!).
8) Don't be shy. Make the effort to introduce yourself to someone, as the likiihood is, everyone will be feeling just as nervous as you are!
9) Make sure you have the number of a good taxi company stored in your phone.

10) Don't go out to a club before 11pm as you'll be the only ones there...
11) Make sure you get enough sleep! Fresher's is full of late nights and that's usually one of the ways people get ill, as they don't give their body chance to recover before going out again. 
12) Know your limit. Remember that you are most likely in a completely new place with completely new people so be extra aware of yourself and your surroundings!

Finally, make sure you have fun! Fresher's is one of the best weeks (two if you're lucky!) of university and you can make friends and memories for life, so make the most of it, but be safe!

I hope you enjoyed this post and best of luck with uni!


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September Goals

September Goals
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September is possibly my favourite month of the year. With Autumn looming comes pumpkin spiced lattes, scarfs, darker lipsticks, and lest we forget September is my birthday month! This month I head back to university as well as turning 20, so here's a few goals I'd like to reach this month. 
Exercise: I can't wait to hit the gym hard as I head back to Uni. With the gym only being walking distance away, and free to all students, I find myself making the most of this and using the gym a lot more than I do when I'm back at home. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and going to my much loved 'Zumba' class again.
Attempt to budget in Fresher's: (Emphasis on the attempt!) I've worked pretty much all summer so the last thing I want is to blow all my savings on fresher's fortnight, so I'm going to really try to budget on nights out.
Make my Uni room look pretty: This year I really want to make my Uni room all cute and cosy. With saving on buying all the pots and pans I had to buy last year, I have more money this year to spend of decorating my room. I have already bought a few pieces for my room so I am excited to move in and get settled and sorted asap.
Be more social on Twitter: I always forget to use Twitter on a regular basis but I want to step up my game and be more social on it! If you do want to follow me, I'd much appreciate it:
Cook myself 'proper' meals at Uni: From the offset, I want to try and eat a lot healthier than I did last year, especially during fresher's. I want to get better at cooking myself meals from scratch, or if that's too optimistic then I'll settle for anything other than a microwave meal.
Make more time for reading: I have been reading a lot this summer and I want that to continue when I get back to Uni. Reading before bed really helps me to relax and fall asleep quicker.
What are your goals for September? Let me know in the comments below!