April Goals

April 2016 Calender

April is here, which means Spring has ‘officially’ began, yet I say that loosely as I sit writing this post with the sound of rain hammering on my window. Ah, who doesn’t love the UK weather, right?
A new month brings new things to look forward to and aim for! I decided to create a mini set of goals for myself this month so that I can be more motivated by planning ahead. After all, the dreaded exam season is lurking just around the corner, just less than a couple of weeks until it begins! I guess you can say this is a good form of procrastination just typing down my thoughts, so I’ll continue to ramble.
Revise: Probably my No.1 priority this month is to get started (oops) on my revision! My exams start next month so I need to get cracking and prepare for them.
Blog Weekly: I've been loving blogging and it seems strange to think I only started just over a month ago! I want to continue to upload a blog post at least once a week.
Colour More: I’ve had a couple of those ‘Adult colouring books’ for a while now and I’m really into them. I find it’s a really great way to relax and wind down, especially if I’ve being working away all day staring at a screen. I find it helps me to ‘switch off’, which I struggle to do as my mind constantly just goes round and round worrying about things. I haven’t been doing it enough recently, as especially with exams coming up, I’m going to set aside some ‘me time’ and wind down before bed.
Exercise Classes: I love going to gym classes, just as much as I love going to the gym. But I find that a class like ‘Zumba’ is great for me as it helps me to de-stress, as well as keeping me fit. It’s also a great way to take a break from revision and helps makes you feel good and it even gives you more energy!
Get to sleep earlier:  It comes at no surprise that since I've started university I've been going to bed a lot later. Yet I do find that the constant late nights do impact on how I feel the next day. So, I want to try and aim to go to bed before 11pm (majority of the time!)
Spend Less: I must say this to myself every month but I really do need to stop spending! *sad face*. I'm hoping to book a holiday for the summer in the next couple of days so I need to save save save!!
What are your goals for April? Leave them in the comments section below!
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