eBay Steals: 5 Makeup Brushes for less than £2

5 eBay Makeup Brushes
As a student, I'm all for a bargain, especially where makeup is concerned! This brush set from eBay is a steal! These are multi-purpose brushes but I like to primarily use them to apply eyeshadow. I've been wanting some more eyeshadow brushes for a long time now, as I only have a couple and often find myself using dirty brushes on a new eye makeup look, which isn't a great idea.
 I was really impressed with how quickly I received this brushes! I ordered them a few weeks ago and the estimated delivery was 30th March-7th April as they came from China, but to my delight they arrived a week early on the 22nd March! Also, the postage and packaging was completely free as well. I thought these would be perfect just to order and check out as I desperately needed some extra eye-brushes. I had the attitude of 'well if they are rubbish, it was only a couple of quid that I'd spent'.

£1.51 for 5 brushes... It was a no brainer, I had to try them.
Makeup Brushes
There are various different colours to choose from. I chose them in black and silver. They are amazing quality for the price. There may be the odd, random loose hair that pops up, but they can be easily plucked out or snipped off. 

1) Light Blending Brush

Blending brush
I like to keep this brush free from any colour and use it primarily as a blending brush to finish off my eyeshadow.

2) Flat Top/Stippling Brush

Eyeshadow brush
 I like to use this brush to buff eye shadow all over my lid, as it is a light brush. Alternatively, this use brush could be used as a spare concealer brush to conceal over any blemishes, so it's perfect as a backup for me, if my others are dirty!

3) Tapered Angled Brush

Eyeshadow brush
This brush is perfect for shading and applying eyeshadow to the 'outer v'.

4) Pointed Dome Brush

Eyeshadow brush
This is my favourite of all the 5 brushes. It is a dense and tapered brush so it is ideal for adding eyeshadow to the outer third of the eye, but I personally love it for applying highlighter to my brow bone and to the inner corner of my eye.

5) Angled Blending Brush

Eyeshadow brush
 This is a very soft brush so it is perfect to blend out my eyeshadow to finish off a look.
Overall, I'm really impressed with these brushes and I would highly recommend you picking them up!

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