eBay Steals: 5 Makeup Brushes for less than £2

5 eBay Makeup Brushes
As a student, I'm all for a bargain, especially where makeup is concerned! This brush set from eBay is a steal! These are multi-purpose brushes but I like to primarily use them to apply eyeshadow. I've been wanting some more eyeshadow brushes for a long time now, as I only have a couple and often find myself using dirty brushes on a new eye makeup look, which isn't a great idea.
 I was really impressed with how quickly I received this brushes! I ordered them a few weeks ago and the estimated delivery was 30th March-7th April as they came from China, but to my delight they arrived a week early on the 22nd March! Also, the postage and packaging was completely free as well. I thought these would be perfect just to order and check out as I desperately needed some extra eye-brushes. I had the attitude of 'well if they are rubbish, it was only a couple of quid that I'd spent'.

£1.51 for 5 brushes... It was a no brainer, I had to try them.
Makeup Brushes
There are various different colours to choose from. I chose them in black and silver. They are amazing quality for the price. There may be the odd, random loose hair that pops up, but they can be easily plucked out or snipped off. 

1) Light Blending Brush

Blending brush
I like to keep this brush free from any colour and use it primarily as a blending brush to finish off my eyeshadow.

2) Flat Top/Stippling Brush

Eyeshadow brush
 I like to use this brush to buff eye shadow all over my lid, as it is a light brush. Alternatively, this use brush could be used as a spare concealer brush to conceal over any blemishes, so it's perfect as a backup for me, if my others are dirty!

3) Tapered Angled Brush

Eyeshadow brush
This brush is perfect for shading and applying eyeshadow to the 'outer v'.

4) Pointed Dome Brush

Eyeshadow brush
This is my favourite of all the 5 brushes. It is a dense and tapered brush so it is ideal for adding eyeshadow to the outer third of the eye, but I personally love it for applying highlighter to my brow bone and to the inner corner of my eye.

5) Angled Blending Brush

Eyeshadow brush
 This is a very soft brush so it is perfect to blend out my eyeshadow to finish off a look.
Overall, I'm really impressed with these brushes and I would highly recommend you picking them up!

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The Insta-Worthy Highlighter

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz

Hey everyone,

Today I am sharing with you this beautiful shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown. I treated myself to this for my 19th birthday. As It was £33, I tend not to use this on an everyday basis, and instead use it for when I want my makeup to look perfect! As you can see by the photos of this highlighter, this is such a stunning product! Through the photos which don't even give this product justice, you can see tiny specs of shimmer throughout this!
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- Pink Quartz
I instantly fell in love with this product as my favourite colour has always been pink, so I was drawn to it almost immediately as I stood at the Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges. The 'Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick' contains a set of five strips of shades that allows you to customise the overall colour that you want. For instance, you can use the top section for a 'pinker' highlight and the bottom section for a warmer shade. I usually just swirl my brush around in all of them to create a shimmery, healthy glow.

It feels very light-weight on my skin and just adds a slight sheen to the tops of my cheekbones and down the center of my nose. The shades are very pigmented and shimmery which creates an easy to wear, everyday glow. I absolutely love this highlighter and would 100% recommend it to anyone with fair skin.

Thanks for reading

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University Update #1

UCLan exp Uni Update

I am currently in my first year, studying Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). I thought going home for the Easter holidays would be the perfect time to do something a little different and to talk to you about my experience of university so far. In terms of my course, I am enjoying most of the modules (can’t quite say I’ve been loving statistics). Out of all the modules, I prefer the more ‘social’ side to psychology i.e. social and developmental psychology, as opposed to cognitive and neuropsychology! But I enjoy them all nonetheless, as I have good lecturers that can keep me awake!

I have really surprised myself in terms of my assignment grades. I received a 2:1 in my first university assignment and a 1st in my first laboratory assignment, which if you do psychology or have to complete lab reports for your course, you’ll be just as shocked as I was! I’m really not a naturally academically gifted person/naturally clever in the slightest. For my GCSE’s and A-Levels, I had to work extremely hard and even then I didn’t receive ‘outstanding’ grades. I would say they were ‘average’. So, I am pleasantly surprised with how I’m getting on at university so far (fingers crossed it continues!)

  In terms of my accommodation, I live in en-suite, private student accommodation. It is leased by the university and it is still classed as university "halls of residence", it’s just a lot nicer! I live with a group of five other people, however it only ever feels like three of us as the others are, let’s just say…inactive. There are 3 boys and 3 girls (including myself) in the flat. As I mentioned, there’s only really 3 of us that seem ‘alive’ in the flat, but luckily enough we all get on really really well! We often have film nights altogether as one of my flatmates has a projector screen and fancy gadgets like that, which makes it extra fun! I get on really well with my course friends too so it’s really nice to have a few, separate groups of friends.

Considering I only live around an hour away from home, I don’t go home that often at all! I went home twice before the Christmas holidays (once for my sisters birthday and once to work at my part-time job at home as I was desperate for money!) and once before this Easter holiday. I absolutely love going home when I get the chance, but I feel like leaving it as long as I can makes me appreciate it that little bit more, and also makes me a more independent person. I am lucky enough that my boyfriend comes up to see me most weekends, which makes being away from home and alone at university, a lot easier! I am going home this Friday for Easter, so that is for 2 weeks. Whilst I’m working majority of the time to earn some extra money, I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my friends and family. I can’t wait to be curled up on the sofa at home and able to watch TV!! (I rely on Netflix and catch-up TV, but you can’t skip the adverts with catch-up, so I can’t wait to be reunited with Sky+!)

I'm really enjoying university so far and I have surprised myself how quickly and how much I have settled in!

Thanks for reading

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The Eyebrow Product You NEED

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme and MAC 266 brush
In all honesty, I don't really wear that much makeup on a day-to-day basis. I usually will just coat my lashes with a flick of mascara, cover my under-eye circles with concealer and head out of the door! I am fortunate enough to have very full and dark eyebrows so when if I'm getting ready quickly, I will most likely skip brows! However, when I do want to fill in my brows and make them look 'on fleek', this is the product that I use to transform my brows!

A few months ago I purchased the MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in the shade ‘Deep Dark Brunette’. This product is said to be long-wearing and waterproof, so I wanted to try it out! I found it really hard to get hold of this product as it always seemed to be sold out. I recommend signing up for the email notification from MAC Cosmetics as they email you when it is back in stock, which is really helpful.

 MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme                           MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Deep dark brunette

I fill in my eyebrows with this product using my MAC 266 brush, but any angled brush would do the trick! I like to apply this lightly, with a soft hand, as I prefer a more natural looking brow. This product is perfect for me as it can create either a natural or dramatic brow. This product dries really fast and it also doesn’t budge throughout the day, which I love! It definitely lives up to its claim of being 'long-wearing and waterproof', which is perfect for summer especially. A little goes a long way with this, so I recommend only applying a small amount, and then building it up to however you like your brows to look.


I opted for the shade ‘Deep Dark Brunette’ as I have quite dark eyebrows. When applied lightly, I feel like this shade is more of a light brown colour with warm, red-ish undertones. I would say that the shades for this product is limited, by only having 3 to choose from, which is quite disappointing. However this product makes my brows appear full and thick yet also natural. What more can I ask for?


 Thank you for reading this post! Let me know your favourite eyebrow product in the comments below.


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